Rights are the freedoms and advantages that everyone should be allowed to have the constitution.                                                              Human rights include the to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture , freedom of  opinion and expression, the right to work and education and many more.

The conviction that everybody, by ethicalness of her or his humaity, is qualified for specific humam right is genuinely new. Its foundations, in any case, lie in prior custom and reports of many societies; it took the impetus of World War II to impel basic liberties onto the worldwide stage and into the worldwide soul.

All through a lot of history, individuals procured right and obligations through their participation in a gathering – a family, native country, religion, class, local area, or state.       In this ,they are types of human right and example in the world or in life. They are

  Right to Life .                                                       Everybody in the world has the right to life. No one shall be intentionally excellent it is authorized by a  court through the due process of law.                                                          Freedom from discrimination.                          No person shall be treated differently just because of begin a man or woman . No person shall be treated solely because of belonging to a certain church or worshiping God differently . Nobody shall be  treated  differently because of coming from a different ethicn group or from different area of Ghana. No person shall  be treated differently because that  person is rich or poor or because that person is foreigner.          Right for fair hearing.                                          A person charge with criminal offence shall be given a fair hearing within a reasonable time by a law court .                                                Right to education.                                                Every person shall have the right to equal education opportunities, facilities and advantage                                                                  The right to marry and have family.                 This right expresses that everybody of "This right states that everyone of “full age without any limitation due to race, nationality, or religion” has the right to get married and start a family. Both people in the marriage must also give their free and full consent. No one has the right to marry someone who doesn’t consent. The right to marry is not an absolute right, which means that it’s subject to national laws that make certain marriages (like a marriage between close relatives) illegal age with next to no impediment because of race, identity, or religion" has the option to get hitched and start a family. The two individuals in the marriage should likewise give their free and full assent. Nobody has the option to wed somebody who doesn't assent. The option to wed is definitely not a flat out right, which implies that it's dependent upon public laws that make specific relationships (like a marriage between direct relations) unlawful.                                                                     The right to social services.

"Social Services " guarantee that everybody has a specific way of life. Article 25 in the UDHR characterizes this norm as "sufficient" for the prosperity and strength of an individual and their family. That incorporates clothing, lodging, food, water, clinical consideration, and security on the off chance that somebody can't bring in cash because of sickness, joblessness, and so forth While "all inclusive medical care" doesn't show up in the UDHR, individuals use Article 25 to help this objective.                                         Right to work .                                                       Everybody shall have the right to work under satisfactory , safe and healthy conditions and shall receive equal  pay for equal work.                                                              Right to Own property.                                         Every person has the right to own property either alone or together with other.                   Equality before the law.                                         All persons shall be equal before the law.    

  All this are right that every one should have iin life.            

Also it is important to  know how many right  is important in life. So that known nobody can not take our right for us .some important of right. They are                

Human right give a widespread standard that considers legislatures responsible
At the point when the UDHR was delivered, it had a two-overlap reason: give a rule to the future and power the world to recognize that during WWII, human right had been disregarded for a monstrous scope. With a norm for what is a human right, legislatures can be considered responsible for their activities. There's power in naming an unfairness and highlighting a point of reference, which makes the UDHR and other human right reports so significant.
 Human right permit individuals to confront cultural debasement
The idea of basic freedoms permits individuals to shout out when they experience misuse and debasement. Therefore explicit privileges like the option to gather are so pivotal on the grounds that no general public is awesome. The idea of human right enables individuals and lets them know that they merit respect from society, regardless of whether it's the public authority or their workplace. At the point when they don't get it, they can bear upping.
 Human rights energize the right to speak freely of discourse and articulation
While like what you just read above, having the option to talk uninhibitedly unafraid of merciless backlash is more sweeping. It envelops thoughts and types of articulation that not every person will like or concur with, but rather nobody ought to at any point feel like they will be in peril from their administration in light of what they think. It goes the two different ways, as well, and secures individuals who need to discussion or contend with specific thoughts communicated in their general public.

Human rights give individuals the opportunity to rehearse their religion (or not practice any)
Strict savagery and abuse happen over and over again the whole way across history, from the Crusades to the Holocaust to current psychological oppression for the sake of religion. Basic freedoms recognizes the significance of an individual's religion and otherworldly convictions, and gives them practice access harmony. The opportunity to not hold to a religion is additionally a human right.

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