Self refers to the whole being of an individual taking into consideration his or her physical and psychological nature, as well as abilities. It is sum total of the individual's beliefs, perceptions, actions and behaviour.

Self-identity is a concept which refers to how individuals see, understand, know and feel about themselves. That is, the individual has knowledge about himself or herself taking into consideration his or her physical and psychological natural, as well as abilities.        Your personal identical is a composite of all your character characteristics, convictions, values, actual properties, capacities, desires, and different identifiers that make you what your identity is. It is bigger and more enveloping than your self-identity. Your self-identity is only your viewpoint of your own personality. You may not see or worth a portion of the qualities that make up your own personality, so you don't fuse them as a component of your self-identity. Basically, individual character is the sort of person you are, while self-personality is who you see or characterize yourself to be.

The qualify that constitute the personality of the individual are his or her.                                Firstly ,name: The name of an individual is that which identifies him or her and distinguishes one from all other individuals.

Secondly,physical appearance: This implies the total make-up of an individual. It is how tall  or short or fat or slender an individual is.Also  it refers to the skin colour (complexion),shape of the head and other parts of the body of that individual.                  Moreover,social relationships : This implies how the individual relates with other individuals. It is whether he or she is an extrovert or an introvert. An extrovert is an individual who is outgoing, loquacious and socially confident. An introvert on the other hand is an individual who is shy and reserved.

Furthermore,lntelligence:This implies the ability of an individual to think quickly and understand things easily. It also shows how clever or otherwise the individual is.

Moreover,Interest: This implies what the individual like.                                                        Last but not least,capabilities: This implies what man can do with respect to strengths and weaknesses.  

Self-concept implies an individual's mental picture about himself or herself. It also refers to the entire system of beliefs, attitudes and opinions that an individual holds to be true about his or her personal existence. It is how an individual perceives himself or herself. 

Some importance of self-ldentity

Taking right decision. As individuals become aware of themselves, they know what is good for them and what is not and so they make the right decisions concerning their lives.

It enable the individual identify his or her weaknesses. An individual's knowledge about himself or herself enables the individual make an objective assessment of his or her personal qualities or characteristics.

Appreciating the views of other. Self-identity is important because individual's knowledge of herself will enable the individual make assessment of other individuals.

Building self confidence. The individual's knowledge about himself or herself is a confidence booster because the realisation of one's capabilities enables one have the belief or the trust in himself or herself that the things he or she is capable of doing can be done very well.

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