Adolescence is the process through which an individual makes the gradual transition from childhood to adulthood.

 The period lasts from 10-19 years. So a boy or a girl frog the age of 10-19 years is described as adolescent.

All people go through adolescence. During the performed,many physical, emotional and psychological changes take place Which prepare the person for adulthood. These changes are described as the characteristics of adolescence.

Physical changes in boys

Breaking of voice; The voice of boys become deeper and hoarse.

Broadening of the chest; The chest of boys become broadened or wide with some enlargement of their breast. Their shoulders also broaden.

• Enlargement of testes and penis; The seize of the penis and testes become bigger. The sperms begin to from and this is accompanied by occasional wet dream at night.

Growth of armpit,facial and pubic hair; At his time, hairs appear on the upper limbs and beards.Pubic hair appears in the armpit and on their genital organs.

Acne or pimples may develop on the face; Pimpled appear on the face boys . If the pimples are not treated and they go untreated, large number occurs and this is called acne.

Acquisition of excess energy; Boys during this period acquire excess enemy to do fatigue. They can work very hard without being tired.

Growth in height and weight; There is rapid acceleration in growth,resulting in dramatic increase in both height and weight.

Physical changes in girls

Development of breast; The breast in girls become large. There nipple including the areola forms a secondary mound on the breast.

Broadening of hips, girls hip broaden and their waist line narrows; That is, their hips widen with narrow waist.Slimmer waist but broader hips.

Growth of armpit and pubic hair;Hairs start to grow in the armp and around the vagina.

Acquisition of excess energy; Girls usually have a lot of energy at this period and they do a lot of exercise.

Growth in height and weight; There is rapid acceleration in growth, resulting in dramatic increase in both height and weight.

Acne or pimples on the face; The facial skin in girls becomes rougher and more oily encouraging the growth of pimples.

Onset of ovulation and manstruation; Once every month the tissues lining the inside of the womb come away and are passed out through the vagina with some blood. This is call manstruation and is often referred to as having a period.

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