Adolescent behaviour refers to the behavior of the adolescent that is contrary to the norms of the society. In other words, it refers to the behavior that goes against the accepted norms and values of a community or society.

It is determined by culture, environment, tradition etc. Some example of irresponsible behavior include drug abuse,abortion,teenage pregnancy,truancy, streetism,prostitution, armed robbery and sexual promiscuity. 

The community shows its dislike by applying various forms of sanctions. People with irresponsible adolescent behavior are usually ostracized by the community and people tail about them. Some people also shun the company of people with irresponsible adolescent behavior.

Irresponsible adolescent behavior may be caused by some of the follows factors.

Curiosity or the adventurous nature of some children; Adolescents are very adventurous by nature. The always want to practice whatever they see, learn and hear.

Failure of parents in showing respect to their children; Adolescents want to be loved, cared for and be treated with respect and dignity. However some parents do not respect their children.

Broken Home; Broken home create unhappiness for children. Such children may take to drugs, alcoholism,lesbianism, homosexuality, prostitution etc.Again due to the separation, the single parent may give the child the liberty to do whatever pleases him or hre .

The uncontrolled desire for material things; some adolescents cannot control their list for material things. These children are not satisfies with what their parents provide for them.As a result,many of them are easily lured into irresponsible activities.

Some of the effects of adolescent behavior are:

Drug addiction; It is chronic brain disease. Teenagers may become drug addict through excessive intake of drugs (Indian Hemp,cocaine and heroine). Children become addicted and always long for drugs, going to the extreme idea of the children.

Increase in criminal activities; Theft and armed robbery levels increase as more teenagers aim to acquire the things they desire. Eventually some get get killed when caught and others may be sent to borstal home.

School dropout; Children many lose interest in school and its activities because they are distracted by their interaction with the wrong people. Education becomes less important to them and they may drop out of altogether to follow bad people who sell an use drugs, or enter into prostitution as a source of income.

Contraction of Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections; Some teenagers who have little or no sex education and engage in sex may contract Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs) like Gomorrhoea, Syphilis and Herpes. This is because they are like to have unprotected sex.

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