Chastity is the total abstinence from Sexually related activities. It is the state of being sexually pure. For example, Monks,Nuns have taken the vow to remain chaste in life.

 Adolescent chastity refers to the total abstinence of adolescents from sex and Sexually-related activities before marriage or it is the preservation of the virginity of the adolescent male or female until marriage.

Below are some chastity benefits; 

Self Confidence; Living a chaste life makes us to be confidence to say 'No' to premarital sex and other actions which may destroy our future plans.

Achievement Of  Education Goals; An adolescent who remains chaste will be able to realise her education dreams. This is because if she abstains fine sex-related activities and does not become pregnant, she  will not drop out of school. This will enable her go through formal education that will guarantee her a higher education and a better job in future. The adolescent can give his or her education all the attention it the require.

Chastity as a cherished virtue; In Ghana, to be a virgin is a cherished virtue and also a prestige everyone would like to have or be associated with. Most cultures in our traditional societies have therefore taken practical measure to ensure adolescent chastity especially in females. 

Preventing sexually transmitted diseases; An adolescent who abstains from premarital sex is likely to escape contraction of venereal diseases or Sexually Transmitted Disease STDs such as HIV/AIDS, syphilis, gonirrhoea and Hepatitis B.That adolescent thus enjoys good health.

Some disadvantages of not being chaste

* It can lead unwanted pregnancy; Living unchaste life can lead to unwanted pregnancy which  leads to unsafe abortions and it complications.

* stigmatization; Living unchaste life makes one to lose all the love, affection and respect people had for them. People gossip about them so they feel inferior and disgraced. 

*Living unchaste life leads to early pregnancy and child bearing with its attendants risk of injury, illness and death for both the child and the mother.

Living unchaste life leads to mistrust and suspicion in marriage.

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