False identity implies a situation where individuals pretend to be what they are not. This concept is common among the gout or students who create wrong impressions about themselves to their friends.

Many individuals base their self ldentity comparable to social setting or social jobs (for example occupation, mentor, pioneer, ball player, father, mother, and so on) While it is more straightforward for the brain to recognize or picture a social job, for example, a specialist than an individual trademark like empathic, you need to attempt to incorporate however many viewpoints as you can while shaping you character.

Tragically, certain individuals make their self-ldentity in a limited view. They unequivocally attach it to simply a solitary or a couple of parts of your own personality. Notwithstanding, self identity ought to include considerably more. Certain individuals solidly attach their self ldentity to their occupation, and in the event that they lose their employment, they frequently will battle with tracking down their self-ldentity.

How to ldentiy individuals with false identity .

Firstly place of residence. That they live in mansions in residential areas while actually they live in shanty settlements. 

Secondly personal possessions. That they possess the things that they steal or borrow from their friends which include mobile phone and wrist watches. For instance, they display the things that they steal from their friends as their own.

Moreover social status. That they live a lifestyle that portrays that their parents are in higher social positions. For example, they say that their parents are business excutives while in fact they come from low-income home.

However economic background. That they come from rich families while in fact their parents find it difficult to make end meet.

Last but not least parental possessions. That their parents own big companies and flashy vehicles while in reality they parents do no own such things.  

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