Gomorrhoea is one of the commonest Sexually Transmitted diseases mainly contracted through sexual intercourse with an already-infected person. It is caused by a bacterium called Neisseria Gonorrhoea or Gonococcus.

Sexual intercourse is the major means by which Gonorrhoea infection is transmitted. An individual can contract the infection by engaging in an unprotected sexual intercourse with an already-infected individual. Note this, Babies born to mothers who are infected with gonorrhoea may  control an eye infection that can league to blindness big it is not detected and treated on time.

Symptoms of Gonorrhoea.

Individual suffering from gonorrhoea exhibit the following symptoms:

• A discharge of a yellowish pus from the urethra (male and female).

• A burning sensation in the urethra when urinating (male).

• Irrigation in the vagina (female).

• Itching in the urethra (male).

Ways of controlling the spread of Gonorrhoea.

* Early treatment; Individuals who show sings of gonorrhoea infections should report promptly to a competent medical outfit where it can be treated with antibiotics.

* The need for safe sex; Gonorrhoea is primarily transmitted through sexual intercourse. Therefore, individuals need to wear protective sheaths such as condoms when they engage in sexual intercourse.

* Avoiding promiscuity; Individuals will be helping in preventing the spread of gonorrhoea by doing away with the habit of engaging in sexual intercourse with several partners. They should have one sexual partner.

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