They are the infringement on the right and freedom of the individual. That means, preventing others from enjoying the right or freedoms that the  constitution has given to them as citizens.                                                    

Some of the ways how human Right abuses occur.

Bullying :Threatening or molesting weaker ones or the poor eg. Cruel treatment of junior by seniors at school. Soldiers, teacher and policeman also sometimes bully people.

Domestic slavery: Employing people, young girls or boys who are under 18 years and are expected to be in school to be working as maidservants or helps in the houses.

Child Abuse: It is cruel or bad treatment of children such as beating, calling by nasty name, insulting etc.

 Child Labour:Employing children who are under (15) years in income generating activities eg. Children who sell ice water, rubber bags, just to support themselves or their family instead of being in school.

Child Kidnapping: The practice of kidnapping or taking children away from their parents without the consent of the parents.

They are some reasons why such people are vulnerable to human right abuses.

Low education: Most People are ignorant of their rights and how to fight to their rights. This is either due to ignorance, illiteracy or low educational standard.

Poverty; Some people may be aware that their rights have been abused but because of poverty they are unable to get the services of a lawyer to fight for them.

Lack of political representation ; The minority group in villages and towns or cities have their rights sometimes abuses by the majority groups example, women lack political representation to in Ghana Parliament so their rights are sometimes abused.

Apathy ; Most people are unwilling to fight for their rights and because of this, their rights are normally violated. What they normally say is that "l will give my case to the Lord.


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