Production is the process by which things are made. It can also be defined as the creation of good and services to satisfy human wants.                                          Production is complete only when the goods or services reach the final consumer. The factors of production are land, labour, capital and entrepreneur.

 In production  they are group in to three types.They are;

Primary production; is the extraction of nature resources from the environment or it can also be defined as the process of production or extracting raw materials which already exist in nature. For example, fishing is a primary production because the fishermen takes from the sea or lake the fish that already lives in the water. Some example of primary production, mining, fishing, faming,oil drilling, hunting,logging.

Secondary production; it involves turning raw materials into finished and semifinished goods such as books,radio, cloth,furniture etc. It is called secondly production because they change or transform the raw materials produced by the primary industry into finished good. For example of secondary industries are the Team Cocoa Processing Industry, the Aluminum Industry etc.
Tertiary production; it is the production of services to support to primary and secondary production and the general development of the country example,  when a teacher teaches students, the teacher has produced a service and when a doctor treats a patient or a sick person then the doctor has produced a service. The tertiary production sector industry, banking, teaching finance etc.

Ghana primary production agriculture, the timber industry, fishing industry and the mining industry. Agriculture includes the preparation of land for growing of crops, fishing and the rearing animals. In Ghana, many people are engaged in Agriculture activities. Agriculture is the most important occupation in Ghana. Some of people produce crops and other rear animals.

Production is one of the main cycles inside assembling, and is a center piece of being a maker. Without this action, no completed products would be made, and there would not be anything to offer to clients.

It's hence pivotal to have the right techniques set up to finish it well, which is the place where production arranging comes in. In any case, what precisely is it, and for what reason is it important.

1.Helps in making esteem by applying work ashore and capital.

2. Further develops government assistance as more products mean greater utility.

3. Produces business and pay, which fosters the economy.

4. Helps in understanding the connection among cost and result.

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