Sexually Transmitted Disease called Venereal diseases refer to diseases which are transmitted or spread primarily through sexual intercourse. Individuality get infected mainly through sexual intercourse with infected individuals.

The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome popularly call AIDS is condition that attached the immune system; human's natural defence mechanism  against diseases. It is caused by a virus which is known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). The attack the human immune system and prevents it from from functioning effectively to fight against diseases.
An individual suffering from AIDS exhibits the following symptoms: loss of more than 10% weight, continuous fever,loss of memory, persistent diarrhoea, loss of appetites, increasing fatigue, persistent coughs.

Some causes of AIDS that show that you have this disease.

Sexual intercourse with an infected individual: This is the primary means by which the virus is Transmitted from one individual to the other. An individual contracts the virus by having unprotected sexual intercourse with an already infected individual.
Anal sex with infected individual: An individual can also contract the virus by engaging sxeual activity through the anus  with an infected individual. It is common with homosexuals.

Blood transfusion with an infected blood: An individual can contract the virus through blood transfusion when the blood that he or she receives is infected with the virus.

Using unsterilised instruments: This is anther means by which an individual can contract the virus. Individuals who receive medical attention from unregistered medical facilities stand the risk of contracting the virus because these facilities may use unsterilised instruments such as blades, knives,forceps and others to perform surgeries. Moreover, individuals who abuse drugs such as cocaine intravenously may contract the virus by sharing syringes and needles with already-infecred individuals. This is common among drug addicts.

infections from the mother:This is where an individual especially the unbron child may contract the virus from the mother who is already infected with the virus through the placenta.This is an example of mother-child transmission.

How to measure to prevent the spread of the AIDS virus

Public education: This is a major means of controlling the spread of the AIDS virus. A vigorous public education through the mass media, both electronic and print, public lectures, schools, religious institutions, billboard advertisement and notices will sensitise members of the public to come to terms with the dangerous nature of AIDS.

Total abstinence: This is where the AIDS virus is controlled in situations where individuals who are not married do not engage in pre-marital sexual activities. This value should be taught in homes and schools to help people desist from premarital sex.

The need for safe sex: This is also a major means of controlling the spread of the AIDS virus. Individuals may contract the virus through unprotected sexual activities, so there is the need for them to use protective sheaths such as condoms to prevent them from coming into contact with vaginal and seminal fluids.

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