Technology is the application of scientific findings and knowledge to improve upon the qualify of life.

Technology can be the information on procedures, processes, and so forth, or it tends to be implanted in machines to take into account activity without itemized information on their operations. Frameworks (for example machines) applying technology by taking an info, transforming it as indicated by the framework's utilization, and afterward delivering a result are alluded to as technology frameworks or technological frameworks.

Technology has many impacts. It has grown further developed economies (counting the present worldwide economy) and has permitted the ascent of a recreation class. Numerous mechanical cycles produce undesirable results known as contamination and exhaust normal assets to the hindrance of Earth's current circumstance. Advancements have consistently affected the upsides of a general public and brought up new issues in the morals of technology. Models remember the ascent of the idea of proficiency for terms of human productivity, and the difficulties of bioethics.

Some advantages of technology.

* It makes labour more efficient: Technology helps labour to work more efficient than human effort or strength. For example, modern machines such as computers have made labour more efficient at their work.

* It makes difficult works easier to do: Technology helps to listing compilation or difficult works easily. For example The use of modern calculators or computers in calculating is easier than manual calculators.

* Technology speeds up work: The use of modern technology speeds up work and therefore saves time.
* It promotes specialization: Technology promotes specialization because specific machines or technology is used for specific jobs. This leads to efficiency and specialization.
* Technology reduces unit cost of  production: Because technology leads to mass predication of goods and services as well as high productivity, this will eventually bring  down the unit cost of production.

Some areas of work for which technology is vitally needed.

* Agriculture: We need improved methods of farming such as planting in rows, application of fertilizers, crops rotation etc. We also need tractors, combine harvesters and irrigation machine and stop relying on the weather for rains.

*Education: We need computers for research work; we also need internet facilities to be part of the global village. Audio-visuals are also needed to enhance the distance-learning.
* Transport and communication: We need to develop our railways to enhance movement of heavy good to the port, we also need modern means of communication such as mobile phones, e-mail etc.

* Health: we need X-ray machines to show everything going on in the stomach. We also need machines for certain surgical operations.

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