Teenage pregnancy, otherwise called adolescent pregnancy, will be pregnancy in a female younger than 20, as per the WHO. Pregnancy can happen with sex after the beginning of ovulation, which can be before the primary feminine time frame (menarche) yet for the most part happens after the beginning of periods. In very much sustained young ladies, the principal time frame as a rule happens around the age of 12 or 13.

Pregnant teenage face a considerable lot of a similar pregnancy related issues as different ladies. There are extra worries for those younger than 15 as they are less inclined to be truly evolved to support a sound pregnancy or to give birth. For young ladies matured 15-19, chances are connected more with financial elements than with the natural impacts of age. Risks of low birth weight, untimely work, paleness, and toxemia are associated with organic age, as they are seen in teenager births even subsequent to controlling for other danger factors, for example, admittance to pre-birth care.


Being a youthful mother in a first world nation can influence one's schooling. Adolescent moms are bound to exit secondary school. One review in 2001 observed that ladies that conceived an offspring during their adolescents finished optional level tutoring 10-12% as frequently and sought after post-auxiliary training 14-29% as regularly as ladies who delayed until age 30.  Young parenthood in an industrialized nation can influence business and social class. Adolescent ladies who are pregnant or moms are multiple times bound to end it all than different young people.

Some factors that lead to teenage pregnancy.

* Poverty or Financial Problems; Teenage girls who come from poor homes may easily become pregnant as they are lured by unscrupulous men or boys to engage in sexual intercourse when their poor parents compel them to fend for themselves or engage in economic activities.

* Broken Home or Divorce; Single parenting that result from a divorce does not allow parents to take good care of their Children. The father may deliberately shirk his responsibilities and the mother who may be willing may not have a job. She is compelled to send her daughter to engage in economic activities and as the girl does this, she may become an easy prey to boys or men who may engage her in sexual intercourse.

* Inadequate Sex Education; Teenage girls become pregnant because they do not receive enough education on issues relating to sex. As the inadequacy of sex education leads to ignorance, teengage girls engage in unprotected sexual intercourse without knowing the implications. Most parents and teachers are reluctant to discuss issues of sex and its related activities.

* Peer Pressure; Teenage girls may become pregnant due to pressure from their friends. Most often, teenage girls who become pregnant are influenced by their friends to take boyfriends and engage in sexual intercourse. The girls are influenced because they want to be accepted by their peers.

The following are some of the effects of teenage pregnancy.

School dropout; The teenage girls becomes pregnant will have to stop schooling because the school authorities will not allow her to come to school with the pregnancy. She will drop out of school and lose the opportunity of a higher education which will guarantee her a better job in further.

Health hazards; Teenage girls who become pregnant are physically immature to carry a baby and so they expose themselves to a lot of health hazards. This is because the size of their pelvis does not allow them to give birth easily. They usually enter into prolonged labour and this can lead to caesarean birth which may be dangerous to the mother and child.

Illegal abortion; The teenage girls resort to the use on illegal methods to abort the pregnancy. These methods can lead to complications which can further lead to the death of the teenage girl or make her barren. 

Loss of respect or social rejection; Teenage girls who become pregnant face social rejection and are stigmatised. They lose the respect of their family members a and friends who will not want to associates with them.

How to measures to control teenage pregnancy.

* Family life education

* Enforcement of laws

* Provision of moral education

* Censorship of the media

*Encouraging adolescent chastity

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