Private enterprises is a business entity which is set up or established and owned by private individuals with the sole aim of making profits.

These substances are the foundation of unregulated economies, since they permit people to have thoughts, ideas and resources that cooperate to deliver positive monetary outcomes through abundance creation. 

Under a market economy, private undertaking ought to be implemented to advance the framework's turn of events and development. People are enabled and spurred to seek after their personal responsibility through business ventures, with the motivation of abundance creation that can be amassed to themselves through full proprietorship. 

They are likewise altogether overseen by private people, consequently barring states from having a vote in the organization's choices and strategies.
Reasons why the state can promote private enterprises.

Tax deferrals: To promote private business the government can defer taxes on newly established business to enable them gain good Andrew firm grounds for production and effective competition.

Advertising  products: The government can promote private businesses by advertising and hyping of production private sector internationally. This the state can do by buying air time on international TV Stations, magazine and other internationally fora. 
Economic environment for business: To promote private sector growth, the state must enact law which are business friendly, provide infrastructure which will serve as catalyst for established of business as well equipped instituted with oversight responsibility of managing the Private Sector.
Political environment: Business wound flourish when there is political stabilizer. The government must put measures in place  which will ensure democracy. All forms of dictator's hip, censorship and seizure of buses as well political with hunting of political opponents she eliminated will promote growth of the private section

Importance of private enterprises

1. They produce goods to consumers.

2.They pay taxes to the government, which used to develop the country.

3. They create employment to the people of the country.

4. They relive the government of some of it burden hence making the work of the government easier.

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